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`Water- water everywhere but not a single drop to drink, this is what happens in deep seas. This is a situation today-with all the solar water pumps used in the villages or on-grid or grid tied solar PV plants generally used in the cities. When solar pump is not used or When grid fails, all the panels become useless, cannot feed your critical loads or charge your UPS / home inverter batteries.

RPC offers a reliable solution, in two ranges LV up to maximum 500v DC link and HV for up to 1000v DC link voltage of solar plant. It can not only charge your 12v or 24v or 48 v DC battery bank but also supply your critical loads when battery cannot absorb additional charge.


There are tens of products available, not a single product meets your following expectations:

  1. You don’t want to wait for automatic filling of Upper level tank many a times, especially when your water supply is going to be for short duration from municipality, but your upper tank is say 60% filled and auto mode will not get enabled till it comes below 50%. You would have liked to fill it full now itself with a flick of push button immediately otherwise by the time 50% level reaches the municipal supply would have stopped. After a push on the button you can go away, when upper tank fills up or there is no more water in lower tank, the pump would stop automatically.
    Controller offered by RPC does offer you this feature.

  2. Your pump rotor gets blocked as you were away, when you come back you find everything including electronic controller and the motor roasted due to overload created by blocked rotor.
    The product offered by RPC cuts off supply to the pump safely, till you reset it by switching the controller off and on again for restarting it after attending the fault.

  3. Now what if your controller fails, you cannot fill up your tank.
    With RPC controller you can run the pump in `Bypass’ mode and can attend the controller later on.


There are hundreds of products which rob Peter to Pay Tom, the reason of low voltage is generally heavy inductive loading, instead of supplying capacitive VARs (Volt-Amp-Reactive) to improve the voltage, these regulators increase active and also inductive loading, which results in to further reduction in voltage, at the cost of your neighbours and utility. When voltage is high, reverse is true.

The patented product offered by RENEW POWER CONNECT corrects your voltage in utility friendly way, when voltage is low it supplies capacitive VARS and when it is high inductive VARS/combination with clever boosting using a specially designed reactor. It not only maintains it in 210 to 250 voltage range for input 170v to 270 volts, but also gives a safe overriding watch dog which cuts off the supply to your appliances with automatic safe resumption if electronic controller itself fails and voltage tries to go above 270 volts or below 165 volts.

How about continuous power loss these voltage regulators have even at no load? The autotransformer of a typical 2KVA voltage regulator could consume approx. 1 unit per day as extra no-load loss, even though supply voltage is within acceptable range of 210v to 250v AC.

The RPC voltage regulator does not have no load losses when input supply voltage is with in normal range, which reduces your power bill.